Visiting Scholars

Every year, the intellectual and social elite around the world come to Berkeley to pursue further scholarly research from political science to engineering to international business. These visiting scholars are often the shapers of culture and policy in their home countries. Our Visiting Scholars Ministry (VSM) aims to meet the diverse needs of these intellectuals during their one or two year stay in the United States. VSM began with two couples, Taylor and Sophia Tsai and Paul and Mary Chen, Cal alumni who have settled in the Bay Area. In 2010, Matthew and Helen Kim joined the VSM ministry team. Together, these three couples lead VSM.

Our VSM staff build cultural bridges, sharing the love and message of Christ through hospitality, relevant and meaningful discussions, bible studies, and living life together. The “life together” part sometimes begins at the airport the moment arriving visiting scholars deplane and reach their new homes, or it happens as visitors and VSM folks spend time in one another’s homes, or on trips to local landmarks like Yosemite and Monterey. VSM holds Bible studies and discussions with those who are interested, and for many of these scholars it is their first exposure to a reasonable and intelligent presentation of biblical Christianity. Many go back to their countries with favorable experiences of Christians and Christianity, and an intellectual understanding of the bible’s assertions and implications on morality, culture, social relationships, and life. Some even leave with newfound faith, and return home to touch their own spheres of influence with the love of Christ.