Social commentators of the youth generation observe a prevalence of apathy, lack of purpose, insecurity, and loneliness. Sadly, statistics and surveys corroborate this. A closer look at Christian youth in particular reveals an additional problem Christian youth uniquely have to deal with in their immediate day-to-day lives: they often lack the resources–intellectually and spiritually–to help them make a stand for their faith in the classrooms and hallways of our middle schools and high schools. This problem becomes a crisis on college campuses as recent research finds upwards of 70 percent of Christian teenagers are leaving the church by their second year in college. We started Interhigh to stop and reverse this alarming trend, believing proper equipping and instruction during middle school and high school can both strengthen the faith of our Christian youth and empower them to become prophets to their generation.

Interhigh provides resources our Christian youth need – apologetics and worldview training, college mentors for guidance and encouragement, and like-minded peers – to take a counter-cultural stand and have an enduring positive impact in their schools. Interhigh hosts monthly gatherings (called Interhigh Monthly) during which our youth are taught and trained to be engaged and relevant, both intellectually and even at the character-level as well. Guest speakers will come to teach and train, and times together by age-specific small groups provide an atmosphere in which the youth can get excited about their faith, share honestly, and pray. Our hope is that the greatest impact is made in their hearts – that our youth would ground their lives in the unshakable truth of the gospel, have Christian worldview, and live with the infectious passion that is unique (and so special) to their season of life.