ImpACT began in 1997 with a vision to serve our neighboring inner-city Oakland and Alameda children by meeting the persistent needs of an oft-overlooked population. We believe ImpACT can enrich these children’s lives through a variety of ways: provide positive role models and mentors, offer safe environments for classes that cover topics from biology to knitting, introduce them to new experiences beyond their day-to-day norm (like visits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, kite flying at the Berkeley marina!), and much more. If we instill confidence and excitement for learning and provide them with a new vision for their future, we believe we can positively change their life trajectory. We said to one of our first classes of ImpACT children, “We want to be invited to your college graduation,” and for many of us, it’s a sentiment that continues to ring very personally. Some of our first ImpACT children are now college students, and some have returned to serve as mentors, caring and changing lives for a new generation.