Elderly Care


Valentine’s Day 2006 saw the beginning of an annual tradition in which sisters throughout our ministries chose an alternative to the culturally-accepted Valentines Day tradition of giving and receiving Hallmark heart-shaped chocolates and roses. To redeem the so-called “day of love”, that first group of sisters went out to nearby convalescent homes and women’s shelters – singing songs, making crafts, giving gifts – and bringing true love to the often forgotten and marginalized in our society, where broken hearts and loneliness are an everyday (but unnoticed) reality. The Valentine’s Day of Compassion soon led to regular convalescent home visits, which then became the seeds of our Elderly Care Ministry. This ministry brings Sunday worship services to the Crown Bay Convalescent Home (Alameda), Glenbrook Terrace Apartments (Oakland), and Asian Community Center Nursing Home (Sacramento), giving the elderly residents the dignity of a listening ear, a warm hand to hold, and a chance to experience the love we have found in Christ.