Gracepoint Church Riverside, CA

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Who we are

The Gracepoint Riverside team was 13 strong at its inception when it started acts2fellowship on the UC Riverside campus in June 2010. “What’s in Riverside?”, we all wondered. We discovered that amidst orange groves, lots of California sun, and remnants of Spanish missions, the city of Riverside was originally founded to further education and culture. Through Gracepoint Riverside, we hope to transform lives and reclaim our culture with the truth of the gospel, and we’re excited to see how God will work through a Christ-centered community.

Steve and Eunice Kim, from Gracepoint Berkeley, lead our church in Riverside. Steve’s a Northern California native with a Masters in material science from Berkeley, and Eunice graduated from Cal in mechanical engineering. Since then, they’ve moved away from their disciplines and have committed their lives to full-time ministry, bringing the gospel to college students. Steve’s passion and Eunice’s easy laughter make for a fun, heartwarming time at every gathering.

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