Gracepoint Church Davis, CA

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When a few of our members attended UC Davis and felt the spiritual need on that campus, a small group of people began to pray about starting a church there. The prayers resulted in increasing burden for the UC Davis campus, and growing affirmation by others in our ministry that going to Davis was God’s leading.

Moving from urban Berkeley to the suburban, bicycle-friendly flatlands of Davis, several couples went to start Gracepoint Berkeley’s first church plant. Gracepoint Church in Davis, led by Peter & Hope Choi, is a growing multi-ethnic community of 200+, composed largely of college students, graduate students, and post-undergrads. While they aim to increase their reach, Gracepoint Davis now ministers to college students at U.C. Davis, the elderly in convalescent homes through their Elderly Care Ministry, and working professionals in various work places. Now a church-planting church, Gracepoint Davis sent some of its members to Austin in 2008, and has sent church-planters to San Diego, Riverside, and Minneapolis in 2010 and the list goes on…

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