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Gracepoint Berkeley Church | Near University of California, Berkeley

Whether you’re a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or someone who wants to know more about Christianity, we invite you to come join us!

In 1981 a handful of committed Christians with a heart for college students settled in the notably eclectic city of Berkeley, California. Small beginnings grew and we’re now the Gracepoint Church in Berkeley, a sprawling faith community that includes working professionals, singles, couples, youth, and children, predominantly comprised of Asian Americans (and becoming more diverse each passing year!). Despite the growth, however, our vision remains firmly centered around college ministry, and we’ve since begun planting churches in other college towns in the domestic United States and internationally. Moreover, we’re intent on preserving a value central to our DNA: that discipleship happens “life-on-life.”

Pastor Ed and Kelly Kang lead the Gracepoint Berkeley Church as the senior pastor couple together with Gracepoint’s leadership team. For many of us, college was a momentous and decisive time when Christ’s all-consuming call to discipleship grabbed a hold of our hearts and our lives, and we experienced the richness of a biblical, counter-cultural Christian community. It’s a Christ-centered picture of the church we desire to replicate in every college town – an Acts 2 church.

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