Church Planting


We consider one of our primary mission fields to be the college campus. So, when we consider opportunities to share the gospel in a new place, we look toward planting churches in college towns to be able to minister to students attending the local universities. We put a lot of value in doing life together, to help each other through the hard times and rejoicing with one another during times of joy. It’s with that same heart that we send out people in groups of 10-20 when we plant our churches. We do this because we want others to witness the community of relationships we’ve grown to love and cherish, all afforded to us because of the bonds and commitments created through the love of God.

With this vision, Gracepoint Church Ministries have planted multiple churches since 1997:

  • Davis, CA (1997)
  • Hsinchu, Taiwan (2007)
  • Austin, TX (2008)
  • Minneapolis, MN (2010)
  • Riverside, CA (2010)
  • San Diego, CA (2010)
  • Los Angeles, CA (2013)
  • Irvine, CA (2014)
  • Santa Barbara, CA (2014)
  • Seattle, WA, CA (2015)
  • Santa Cruz, CA (2015)
  • + Handful of East Coast Church Plants (2017)