Hsinchu Welcome Week Update #2 – NSWN at NCTU TONIGHT! – Please pray!

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Here’s an update from the Hsinchu team about welcome week at NTHU and NCTU. Please pray for their NSWNs. NSWN at NCTU is TONIGHT, and NSWN at NTHU is this Friday.

Thank you for praying for our two frisbee and boardgame night outreach events last Thursday! In spite of the rain, 40 new students came to our ultimate frisbee and pizza event at the NCTU field! Most of them were excited to learn how to play ultimate frisbee and for many of them it was their first time. As we ate delicious Costco pizza next to the field outside after the game, several students mentioned how they wanted to play again next time. One student even mentioned how they thought the game was more fun in the rain!

After a quick break, we headed over to our regular FNP Bible study location at NTHU and had our boardgame night. The place was filled with over 50 new students crowded around different tables playing games like dominion, ticket to ride, blockus, sequence, and jenga! We were encouraged to see so many students coming — many went home after frisbee to shower and then showed up for boardgames right after! Overall, we feel like God was the one orchestrating our planning for outreach, as we were able to build relationships with many of the students through the few events spaced throughout the week. For the most part, most everyone whom we had contact with seemed happy to see us whenever we ran into them during tabling, around campus, or at the DC’s throughout the week. We closed out Welcome Week on Friday with our Club Day tabling at NCTU. Apparently, our table seemed really happenin’ with our prize pinwheel, NSWN trailer playing, and lively conversations going on both with new students and with students we met earlier in the week who just stopped by to chat. In all, we had over 70 students sign-up at our table on Club Day at NCTU! It is amazing to see how God has been answering our prayers. Most of the students whom we’ve met and who have come to our events have been freshmen — something that we have been praying for all throughout the summer!

This year is the first that we are putting on two NSWN’s, our first which is TONIGHT (Tuesday 9/14) and second which is on Friday (9/17) at NTHU! As we are in the midst of preparing for the one tomorrow night, please pray that many of the students we have met last week would come to our event, as many of them have expressed how they like our group. Please pray that despite possible rain and competing department and sports events, they would come tomorrow and Friday night and be able to hear the gospel. We recently changed our skit to “Race of a Lifetime” — so please pray that God would prepare the heart of each person who attends; that they would be able to relate to the themes of the skit and message.

Thank you again for all of your prayers. Many of us have felt that we have been standing on holy ground, as we’ve experienced God really working in such unexpected ways in our outreach efforts. We know that it is by God’s grace that He’s led us to meet so many students this past week. Please continue to pray for these two campuses — thank you for praying!

– The Taiwan Team

Minnesota Mission Trip Update #6

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Today, we had 33 students attend our TFN! And we had 11 additional people sign up for Life Groups! This is despite the fact originally we were planning on just doing bowling and ice cream for tonight and had not planned on having a TFN since we had had our NSWN just couple of days ago. But we decided that it would be worth trying TFN so we contacted them just last night about it (and didn’t mention the TFN at all at our NSWN). We packed the room we were meeting in and the janitor even mentioned afterwards that next time we should get a bigger room. The students were very engaged and alert throughout the Bible study and I could really tell they were paying attention . We were all so encouraged!

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Hsinchu Welcome Week Update #1

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Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on all that’s been going on here in Taiwan! Freshman moved in on Saturday and Sunday and we have had a busy week of outreach and fun. On Saturday we had a work day with some of our regular students. It was a good time of bonding as we taped 200 tissue boxes, folded our brochures, filmed videos, translated scripts, etc. On Sunday we had our first ever prayer walk with our regular Christians. There were 7 students who joined us and we shared how and why we do prayer walks. It was a powerful experience to be able to pray for the campuses alongside these students. Since then we’ve been tabling and flyering every lunch as well as DC outreaching every lunch and dinner. Through these times we have been able to connect with many of the new students who are open to relationships – especially when they find out that we are from America. It’s been great opportunity to connect with the students before the craziness of the semester as well as departmental sports and activities start.

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Minnesota Mission Trip Update #5

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Hi Everyone,

Just a small update for now – one new video from our Minneapolis team.


Also, you can check here for other updates and pictures from our mission trip and NSWN.

Minnesota Mission Trip Update #4

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in sending this out but we wanted to say “Thank you!!!” for all of your prayers for last night’s NSWN.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement. Praise God for the 453 newcomers (the Coffman Theater max. capacity is 434) that came to the NSWN at U of MN tonight of which 152 students were Freshmen. And 44 signed up for Life Group! Please pray for our Life Group kick-off which will be next Thursday.

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Minnesota Mission Trip Update #2 (Part 2)

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Today was the official first day of classes and boy was it packed! It’s hard to imagine places more crowded then Sproul at noon, but take a look at Coffman and the Mall at the U and you’ll see an amazing site! Indeed the harvest is plentiful here. Take a look at this vimeo clip and you’ll get a better feel of what the campus looks like with students:

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Minnesota Mission Trip Update #3

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Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that NSWN at UMN is tomorrow, starting at 6 PM (CST), so please be sure to pray. Once again, a specific prayer request is for the weather – please pray that the weather would not be a hindrance to people coming to NSWN.

Our Minnesota mission team is uploading videos about the different events that they are a part of; you can check them out at the Gracepoint Vimeo site. Here are the new videos as of Tuesday night (Berkeley time).
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Minnesota Mission Trip Update #1

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Hi Everyone,

Here’s an update from Andrew about welcome week at University of Minnesota and the different outreach events that our mission team and church plant team have been involved with. Please continue to pray for them as they have several more events to meet students and publicize NSWN, which is on Wednesday, September 8th. A specific prayer request is for the weather; currently, rain is predicted for a number of days. Please pray that the rain will not interfere with the different outreach activities, and pray especially that it will not interfere with NSWN. Please also pray for all of the specific welcome week activities. Read more…

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