Minnesota Mission Trip Update #6

Today, we had 33 students attend our TFN! And we had 11 additional people sign up for Life Groups! This is despite the fact originally we were planning on just doing bowling and ice cream for tonight and had not planned on having a TFN since we had had our NSWN just couple of days ago. But we decided that it would be worth trying TFN so we contacted them just last night about it (and didn’t mention the TFN at all at our NSWN). We packed the room we were meeting in and the janitor even mentioned afterwards that next time we should get a bigger room. The students were very engaged and alert throughout the Bible study and I could really tell they were paying attention . We were all so encouraged!


After TFN, we walked over to the Coffman student union and we had a great time of bowling/ice cream/board game fellowship. We had 50 additional who came just to our bowling and ice cream night that we had been advertised on our flyers. We had rented out the entire bowling alley for our post-TFN activity. We had fun bowling for an hour and a half. And even after that, many stuck around to play board games with us for another hour or so.

Thank you for your prayers! God is doing something amazing things on this campus!

– Timothy

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