Minnesota Mission Trip Update #4

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in sending this out but we wanted to say “Thank you!!!” for all of your prayers for last night’s NSWN.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement. Praise God for the 453 newcomers (the Coffman Theater max. capacity is 434) that came to the NSWN at U of MN tonight of which 152 students were Freshmen. And 44 signed up for Life Group! Please pray for our Life Group kick-off which will be next Thursday.

The day started with the best weather we could ask for (thank you for all the prayers!) – a cool but sunny mid-70’s weather (it was the best weather we experienced since we arrived here!). After the timely DT in Hebrews 11, by faith we hit the campus prayer walk and then feverishly passed out flyers to everyone we met as our last effort to invite people to NSWN tonight. In sum we passed out an estimate of close to 8,000 NSWN and Welcome Week flyers since welcome week began. Between the 50 of us (FMT and MN team members)we fanned out on 6 different areas of campus at Mpls and on the St. Paul side. People have been quite receptive to taking the flyers here and it turns out that many came to our NSWN through our flyers and chalking signs on the ground (we are allowed to use colored chalk to write our events on the campus ground). We also drew the attention of those passing by as we barbequed the meat out on the lawn. Yesterday was the first day of school so the campus was literally covered with people everywhere. Coffman Student Union building was incredibly packed. Personally, I’ve never seen a Student Union building so packed that people were in line to get in which were going out the door.

Many students of diverse backgrounds attended the NSWN and packed Coffman theater. Many were engaged and were attentive throughout the program and the message as well. The Davis skit team did a great job and with our very own “band from California” really brought much life and excitement with rocking music. It seems that many people mentioned that they were impacted by the message and several people expressed that they were looking for a Bible study and wanted to attend TFNs in the future.

Although we were short-handed and every one of us had to do double-duty on different tasks throughout the night, it was strengthening to labor together tonight with our bros and sis who were willing to do whatever for the sake of the gospel. Some of our more timid brothers and sisters came out of themselves to lead groups of 10-12 people during the icebreaker game time which was such an encouraging sight to see. We are SO thankful for all the hard work, support and prayers of all the extended churches as we used the same resources that were already completed at Berkeley’s NSWN. Thank you CPRG brothers sisters who tireless met all of our request for various resources we needed from publications, banners, website, sound equipment, etc. We showed the NSWN video with Josh Linville as the host and received a good response. God also multiplied our bbq dinner as we had only planned for 300 people but were able to make a total of 400 bentos and still had leftovers!

Through various conversations, we met people of many different backgrounds last which include genuine seekers like this one student who is not a Christian but had been reading the Bible on his own and had been seeking to learn more about the Bible who came; there were many who are new Frosh or Transfer students who are looking for a fellowship to join; those who stopped going to church as a child but now are thinking about going back to church; there was couple of people of another religious background but who are open to studying Christianity and many others. We also saw several people who had met during the early part of summer during our outreach on campus who came out last night. And a girl we had just met during lunch right before our prep, who was looking for a fellowship also came out last night and stayed the whole night. There was an international
exchange student from Uzbekistan Belarus who had also attended our picnic who came and thoroughly enjoyed the night to the very end.

Tony Sun reminded us that yesterday was the exact 3 month anniversary of the move of MN team (we arrived here on June 8th). We were simply amazed by the harvest field on this campus and felt confirmed that God sent us out here for the many precious lives who need to hear and know His love. The DT passage in Hebrews 11 was appropriate as we were not sure what would happen last night. But what provision of God’s word to challenge us to have faith as our forefathers of faith before us and learn to surrender our own anxieties about the outcome of our labor and to earnestly seek Him who is our Sovereign God, who simply asks us to be faithful regardless of the task before us.

Please pray for us for wisdom as now we have the hard work ahead of following up and building up relationships with many people who came in contact with after the mission team leaves this weekend. We will be having the Taste of Twin Cities tonight and then TFN tomorrow night followed by bowling and ice cream at Coffman. We also announced our Gracepoint Open House for this Sunday which will take place on the West Bank side of campus. Please pray that many who are looking for a church will attend this weekend.

Thank you for the overwhelming love, support and prayers as we are so strengthened by them. We really felt that this NSWN was the labor of love of the entire extended Body of Christ as we all labored together for the cause of the gospel. We will continue to send you daily updates as we still have several more days here with the FMT.

We will upload some videos soon.

– Timothy and Alice (on behalf of everyone on the Minn. Team and FMT)

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