Hsinchu Welcome Week Update #1

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on all that’s been going on here in Taiwan! Freshman moved in on Saturday and Sunday and we have had a busy week of outreach and fun. On Saturday we had a work day with some of our regular students. It was a good time of bonding as we taped 200 tissue boxes, folded our brochures, filmed videos, translated scripts, etc. On Sunday we had our first ever prayer walk with our regular Christians. There were 7 students who joined us and we shared how and why we do prayer walks. It was a powerful experience to be able to pray for the campuses alongside these students. Since then we’ve been tabling and flyering every lunch as well as DC outreaching every lunch and dinner. Through these times we have been able to connect with many of the new students who are open to relationships – especially when they find out that we are from America. It’s been great opportunity to connect with the students before the craziness of the semester as well as departmental sports and activities start.

On Tuesday we had an unofficial basketball and volleyball night where over 20 guys and 30 girls (mostly freshman!) came. That morning one of the staff sisters had prayed that we would meet a “woman of peace” who would lead us to many other students and some of our other staff sisters were able to meet such a person who brought over 10 of her dorm-mates and classmates to the event! Since then we have been able to reconnect with them through dorm visitations. Some of our staff sisters baked yummy cupcakes, visited them, and met many more of their dorm-mates.

Our office has proved to be a blessing as many of the freshman have been coming over to play ping-pong, foosball and board games. Many of the new students we met felt comfortable enough to just walk in and made themselves at home. We’re thankful to have such a convenient location where the students can feel free to visit (which is a contrast to when we would meet in our apartments in which they had to go through security to enter). Last night, there were a group of 10 people playing board games, another 4 sisters playing ping-pong and another group of brothers at the foosball table. It was definitely a happenin’ place and the freshman commented on how fun and lively it was.

We have two official outreach events tonight. One special prayer request is for the weather as one of our events is “Frisbee and Food.” It was raining early this morning when we went on our prayer walk and it has cleared up since then, but please pray that it won’t start raining again. The other event is a “Board games and Snacks” night. Thank you for your continual prayers as we have experienced them at work as we engage in this spiritual battle. Please continue to pray for us as we have many other events coming up this next week including club days and our TWO NSWNs (NCTU; next Tuesday, 9/14 @6:30pm and NTHU; next Friday, 9/17 @6:30pm). Thank you for partnering with us in this battle through prayer.

– from the Taiwan Team

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